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Services What We Provide

  • MarketPlace

    Informed decision making is the stepping stone to success in every aspect of a business, including talent recruitment. In-depth knowledge about the market, existing talent pools, compensation norms

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  • HR Outsourcing

    The pressures on the human resource function in the current world are increasing day by day. In this new period, HR not only requires to manage labor economics, but also provide VAS on a day-to-day basis to achieve business goals.

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  • Applicant Tracking System

    Hiring the right talent is no more difficult for staffing agencies, if applicant tracking gets easy, Recruitmaze is a Smart Recruitment Product that helps identify, connect and hire the best candidates using the emerging technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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  • Assessment

    Recruitmaze provides an entire gamut of testing and assessment services that include consulting test content, delivery and reporting services. We deliver online assessment services, computer-aided and paper pencil tests with seamless redundancies and quality standards.

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