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Applicant Tracking System

AI and Intelligence Based Recruitment Technology

Hiring the right talent is no more difficult for staffing agencies, if applicant tracking gets easy, Recruitmaze is a Smart Recruitment Product that helps identify, connect and hire the best candidates using the emerging technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Easily manage applicant data, organize, categorize and shortlist candidates in much less time than your competitors. Provide the best candidate and client experience by interacting through integrated email, text and phone options.

Trustworthy AI for next gen recruiting teams

Recruitmaze uniquely combine the powerful benefits of AI without losing the Importance of the human touch.

Recruiting done right the first time

-Identify top talent faster than the competition

-Engage automatically with personalized

-Build high-quality candidate pipelines that are ready to move

-Track successful hires and instantaneously search similar candidates

Smarter sourcing paired with more personalized engagement

Our Employee Screening Assessments identify employees that are crucial to the success of an organization in a quick, accurate, and cost-effective manner .

-Source top-tier talent from over 50 professional social channels simultaneously

-Meet candidates where they want to engage/p>

-Do it all in one simple-to-use and intelligent platform

Use your data in the right way

-Make intelligence-driven decisions

-Support a unified recruiting ecosystem

-Increase productivity, recruiter satisfaction and personalized engagement