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Welcome To Recruitmaze

Any area of recruiting where distinct inputs and outputs occur – like screening, sourcing and assessments will largely become automated.

  • Recruitmaze

    We are working to help the organizations to Build Great teams. Recruitmaze is transforming the way Companies identify and acquires required talent pool which is the most valuable asset to any company. We are proficient in end-to-end recruitment solutions.

  • Our Services

    Providing cost-effective HR solutions designed to counter high-level challenges in MNC & Start-ups, We specialized in permanent staffing, contract staffing, assessment, marketplace intelligence outsourcing across PAN India.

  • Creditability

    Relationship feeds on efficiency, honesty and consistency. Expertise: 15+ years.
    Happy Clients: 60+.

  • who we are

    Headquartered in Bangalore, with a composite experience of over 5 decades in the recruitment space, Recruitmaze is the answer to all recruitment and HR services and processes.

  • what we do

    Being the expertise in practices and recruitments, Recruitmaze has serviced clients with niche and super niche requirements within reasonable time frames, earning them the title of being reliable and cost efficient delivery partners.

  • our great team

    With over 20 years of Industry experience and key expertise in Recruitment, Contract Staffing, Solutions like RPO & HRO. Passionate, self-driven and successful entrepreneur and always inclined to the use of technology to automate processes.

What Is Recruitmaze

Recruitmaze is a one of its kind recruitment platform addressing end-end recruitment life cycle which leverages AI, NLP, Machine Learning, Video and Data Analytics. We are an innovative start up organization, is in pursuit of disrupting the recruitment industry and to bring in efficiency through the use of latest technologies. We aim to complete the entire hiring and HR processes through a series of mouse-clicks, thus saving precious time, money and effort.

Recruitmaze is transforming the way the corporates identify and acquires required talent pool which is the most valuable asset to any company. For example, software that applies machine learning to resumes to auto-screen candidates or software that conducts sentiment analysis on job descriptions to identify potentially biased language.

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